November 14, 2018info@getitsoldny.comSell Your Luxury in a New York Minute!


We offer two easy ways to sell your designer items. We buy outright or we consign. Each method has its advantages, it’s just a matter of choosing which is right for you!
  • Step 1

    Complete our brief online form describing your items and uploading photos.

  • Step 2

    We will email you with a buyout price quote within 2 hours. Price quotes are based on condition, brand, popularity of the item, and of course, it must be authentic.

  • Step 3

    Ship to us or schedule a pickup or drop off.

  • Step 4

    Your Payment will be issued within 24 hours after we receive and authenticate your items.

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See list of Brands currently accepted

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Important Information About Selling Your Items.

All items must be 100% Authentic

All Merchandise:

To receive the highest quote for your items it is important to include, if available, original receipt, dust bags, authenticity cards, tags and original box.


We accept gently used handbags free of excessive wear and odors.

Women’s and Men’s Clothing & Shoes:

We accept new and gently worn items. Items must be free of stains, excessive wear and odors.

Jewelry and Watches:

We accept jewelry free of significant defects.

Fragrances and Beauty Products:

We accept new and used fragrances. We only accept new beauty (makeup and skin care) products.


We only accept small electronics in good working condition.

Crystals and Glass:

We accept crystal and glass items free of chips or cracks.


We only accept collectible items that have value at least $100.

  • Tell Us What You'd Like to Sell

    To help us determine the value of your items, please upload pictures.
  • Drop files here or
    (Check all that apply)
  • Contact Information

We will contact you within 2 hours with our purchase price.

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